After six years of research and trials, the University of Lecce launches a project aimed at a major impact on the educational system in our region.

The idea is simple and effective: someone gives a lecture (or a conference, a seminary) in any classroom of the University of Lecce and the lesson is received in all the classrooms already set up throughout the region. People in the classrooms can any time ask a questions to the speaker which can answer to them in real-time.

The system has enormous growth potential at very low costs. Since the lesson is transmitted by satellite with a footprint covering all Europe and North-Africa, a new receiving station in such area can be quickly set up. A parabolic antenna, a satellite receiver and a computer with Internet connection are all is needed. The availability of a video projector makes it possible to offer the event on a wide screen to more people. In addition, the availability of several computers in the classroom will boost the effectiveness of the system, in particular when ICT courses are offered.

Each event can also be followed at a later time by a simple Internet connection, without the need of a satellite receiver, with the support of the educational tools and aids provided by the teacher, available at any time on the web.

The "Campus Satellitare del Salento" was officially presented on March 30 and 31, 2006. In that occasion a round-table on "
Role of satellite and ground connections in the development of the Salento region" was held with the participation of experts and public officers.

A video presentation (in italian) of the CSS is available in different formats.